Turbocharged Free Crypto - How to Earn, Trade & Win Free Crypto with Playmex

Turbocharged Free Crypto - How to Earn, Trade & Win Free Crypto with Playmex

Are you interested in trading cryptocurrencies, but don't want to start with a deposit balance? Playmex is an all-in-one earn, trade, and win platform that offers users an easy way to turbocharge their crypto balances without the need for a deposit. In this article, we will explain how you can use Playmex to go from zero to hero!

1. Sign up and Earn Free Crypto

The first step to using Playmex is to sign up for an account. Once you've signed up, you can start earning free crypto by completing surveys and offers. Playmex has partnered with offer networks, giving you the opportunity to complete tasks such as downloading an app or completing a survey in exchange for Bonus Bitcoin. The bonus Bitcoin is then added straight to your trading wallet, which you can use to trade other cryptocurrencies.

2. Multiply Crypto in Turbo Rounds for Profit

Once you have some bonus Bitcoin in your trading wallet, you can start trading on Playmex's platform. The platform offers Turbo prediction contracts, which have 60-second durations and offer lucrative odds-based pari-mutuel payouts. These contracts are easy to understand, with traders making simple up or down predictions based on candlestick price action. If you're correct, you'll receive a payout in Real Bitcoin, which you can withdraw to your wallet.

3. Win Leaderboard Crypto Rewards

Finally, if you're looking to showcase your trading skills and earn some extra crypto, Playmex's leaderboard rewards are a great way to do so. The platform ranks all traders by their daily Win Streak, which is simply the number of correct predictions made in a row. The top 10 traders each day receive Bonus BTC credited directly to their trading accounts.

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